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Fridtjof Siebert's Computer Nostalgia:

The Amiga Oberon Compiler

My first commercial project. It was fun to develop this compiler for the simple but powerful language Oberon, and it financed my studies and a trip around the world! It was distributed worldwide by the A+L AG, Switzerland. And, in case you still have your Amiga around, you can still buy it, eg. here, or have a look at the demo version (alternatively here)! The manual is archived: Amiga Oberon.


A very successful Text viewer for the Amiga. You can still download it, eg. here. I wrote the first version in Modula-2 many years ago, later ported it to Oberon-2. Christian Stiens continued the development of the later versions. It was the text viewer program on the Amiga, used by a large variety of Public Domain disk series like Fred Fish, SAAR, AMOK,...


I am one of the founding members of the Amiga Modula-2 and Oberon Klub. This legendary team supplied the Amiga community with excellent PD and shareware software written entirely in Modula-2 or Oberon. A complete list of the contents of these disks is still available online, and even the disks themselves can be downloaded!

Some other members of AMOK are still online: Kai Bolay, Bernd Kirschner, (there must be more...)

My first computer

A Commodore-64, I got it back in 1984!

My second computer

An Amiga-500! An ancountable number of PD programs was developed on this machine, like KwikBackup, MuchMore, NetWork, PrintIt, WBPic, XHair, DumpDiff, KeyMac, MegaWB, MultiSelect, WBShadow, With.This was my development platform for the Amiga Oberon Compiler.

ABF Computer

My first company, founded by Bernd Kirschner, Alexander Villhauer and me, Kai Bolay later joined us. We started with a small booth at the Hobby Elektronik show 1992 in Stuttgart. Later, we were distributing AmigaLink (it is still being offered here and here!), a cheap network solution for Amiga Computers developed by Nikolas Benezan. We had a great time during many years on joint stands with A+L AG on Amiga Shows in Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin. We also translated OctaMED Professional into German and distributed this great music editor in German speaking countries. Unfortunately, with the smashup of Commodore, our market disappeared and business died a slow death...

International Olympiade in Informatics

Back in 1990, I won an olympic gold medal at the IOI'90 in Minsk, Belarus!